Dr POON Sun Cheong, Patrick, S.B.S (潘燊昌博士)
Hon LLD (PolyU)

Honorary Professor
Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Insurance

Dr Patrick Poon is the Chairman of Harvest SCP Group Company Limited and Sing Cheong Charitable Foundation Limited. He has over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, and has served as the CEO of various multinational insurance companies. Dr Poon is the first Hong Kong born citizen to obtain full actuarial professional qualifications from the Institute of Actuaries in the UK. He was also Past President of the HK Actuarial Society.

Dr Poon is a recipient of HKSAR Honours and Awards – Silver Bauhinia Star 2018, a member of the Board of Governors, and a member of the Advisory Committee of the BSC-AIN Programme in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Insurance.