Computing Research Seminar (2016/17): “Smart Mobile Health Systems: Experience with Biological Rhythm Sensing and Wireless Privacy”


Speaker:  Dr Guoliang Xing

Associate Professor

Michigan StateUniversity

Dr. Xing described his recentwork on mobile systems for biological rhythm monitoring and Bluetooth sniffing.Biological rhythms play a central role in maintaining our daily productivityand well-being, and can be found in almost every essential human body function,including sleep/wakefulness, respiration, walking/running, feeding, etc. Dr Xingdescribed two novel mobile systems for personalized, in-place monitoring ofimportant human biological rhythms, including sleep quality and running rhythm.His approach integrated novel sensing algorithms andpsychological/physiological models to achieve high-fidelity monitoringperformance on off-the-shelf mobile devices.


In the second part of thetalk, Dr Xing presented his recent work on Bluetooth sniffing. Bluetooth has enjoyedan unprecedented penetration rate in mobile devices. With the prevalence ofpersonal Bluetooth devices, potential breach of user privacy has been anincreasing concern. To date, sniffing Bluetooth traffic has been widelyconsidered an extremely intricate task due to Bluetooth’s indiscoverable mode,vendor-dependent adaptive hopping behavior, and the interference in the open 2.4GHz band. Dr. Xing presented BlueEar – the first practical Bluetooth trafficsniffer. BlueEar features a novel dual-radio architecture where twoBluetooth-compliant radios coordinate with each other on learning the hoppingsequence of indiscoverable Bluetooth networks.


Last, Dr Xing brieflydiscussed several other projects on Cyber-Physical System (CPS), includingreal-time volcano monitoring, aquatic monitoring using smartphone-based roboticfish, and data center thermal management. 

Dr Xing Guoliang

Dr Xing Guoliang