GEN2013 - History of Today

學分: 3
時間: 45小時
先修單元: GEN1000 Perspectives on General Education
This module seeks to enhance students’ understanding of the relevance of historical knowledge to the concerns of today. It addresses to issues which college students may be personally concerned with as an individual and as a responsible contributing member of the society. Specifically, the module looks at the historical names and terms that exist around us and the ways mythology and ancient history still affect our daily life today. The module moves on to help students to learn about history through speeches, movies, cartoons and music. The topics are adjusted from time to time in a flexible and student-oriented approach, covering selected phenomena and issues from a comparative perspective.
Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. relate historical knowledge to today’s major issues or personal concerns;

  2. distinguish narratives from facts;

  3. apply the arts and skills of historical research;

  4. communicate their views effectively by writing and oral presentation.

  5. achieve an enhanced awareness and curiosity of historical knowledge