AMS4661 - 數據科學及商業智能學(專題研究)

學分: 3 or 6
時間: 1 semester or 2 semesters小時
先修單元: Consent of Module Coordinator and Programme Director
This module is designed primarily as a directed independent study, where students can
implement an approved original research project under the supervision of a Module
Coordinator (Professorial staff of Department of Mathematics and Statistics). Students can
produce an original undergraduate dissertation and are required to integrate the knowledge
and skills they have acquired in the area of Data Science and Business Intelligence (DSBI).
Students present and defend their research to their peers and professors in a professional
manner. The Research Project is designed as a 3-credit module. Students may extend the
module to 6-credit if approval from Module Coordinator and Programme Director is sought.
Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. identify a research topic in the area of DSBI and conduct an in-depth investigation on the chosen topic;

  2. apply appropriate DSBI research methodologies and problem-solving skills to investigate the chosen topic;

  3. develop and produce an original thesis on the chosen topic, appropriately formatted; and present and defend their thesis to their peers and professors in a professional manner; and

  4. work independently and apply appropriate writing and presentation skills over a sustained piece of work.