ENG1002 - 大學英語 (二)

學分: 2
時間: 28小時
先修單元: ENG1001 University English (I)
This Module is designed to consolidate and enhance students’ speaking and listening skills for university studies. In the area of listening, the focus will be on developing effective listening strategies and distinguishing main and supporting ideas. In the area of speaking, the focus will be on the employment of verbal and non-verbal skills in oral communications. Students will be provided with opportunities to apply the language skills by getting engaged in communicative tasks and group learning activities.  Coursework includes critical listening and group discussion.
Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. identify and distinguish main ideas and supporting details in extended speech on a variety of topics encountered in academic and social situations;

  2. employ appropriate verbal and non-verbal skills in oral presentations and group interactions on a wide range of subjects related to their field of study;

  3. develop transferable skills that enable life-long learning in the areas of listening and speaking.