CHN1008 - 中國文化導論

學分: 3
時間: 45小時
先修單元: Nil
This module aims at giving a general account of Chinese culture. The first section is a brief introduction of important Chinese philosophical schools which are the foundation of both ancient and modern Chinese civilization. Second, discussions of other communal areas throughout Chinese history provide further insights and the underlying rationale in the understanding of modern Chinese society and Chinese people (also in comparison to the Western world). The module ends by illustrating a holistic picture of Chinese culture in the form of case study, with reference to popular traditional Chinese novels and current news.
Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. To grasp the beliefs and values (which are still relevant to modern Chinese) of traditional China through influential philosophy schools and other perspectives, such as education system, politics and governmental policies, economic system, ethical profit and assets; sociology; upbringing; religious beliefs etc. in various periods;

  2. Analyse the similarities and differences as well as strengths and weaknesses between Chinese and Western cultures in the modern world; and

  3. Obtain a picture of Chinese civilization and Chinese people by case studies with reference to themes, stories, and characters in novels.