ENG2001 - 學術英語

學分: 2
時間: 28小時
先修單元: ENG1002 University English (II)
This module aims to enhance students’ proficiency in reading and writing in an academic context and develop students’ ability in critical evaluation and reasoning. Students will hone their skills and strategies in analyzing, synthesising and evaluating authentic texts in academic settings. Students will learn to develop a critical stance and produce researched-supported texts using grammar, vocabulary, and citation styles appropriate to academic writing conventions. This module adopts the process writing approach in strengthening students’ academic writing abilities.
Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. comprehend, analyse, synthesise and evaluate texts used in academic settings;

  2. write academic texts that show a critical stance and are supported by academic sources and use lexical-grammatical choices appropriate to the task;

  3. apply the appropriate citation style when integrating relevant information from a variety of sources into scholarly tasks.