Audit Committee


ChairmanMr. Leung Wing-lok Andrew (梁永樂先生)
MembersMr. Lai Hin-wing Henry (賴顯榮先生)
Mr. Luk Koon-hoo Roger (陸觀豪先生)
SecretaryMr. Leung Sat-tak Ted (梁實德先生)

Terms of Reference

The Audit Committee shall be subject to the terms of reference as follows:

  1. To review the annual audited financial reports and make recommendations before the final reports are tabled for the Board of Governors’ approval by the Finance Committee;
  2. To make recommendations to the Board of Governors on the appointment of Auditors;
  3. To review and define the role, major duties and responsibilities of the Internal Audit Office and provide strategic direction to the Internal Audit Office in formulation and execution of periodic audit plan;
  4. To review the scope of works performed and audit reviews completed by the Internal Audit Office to ensure audit works are prioritized based on the risk levels of the auditable areas;
  5. To review, consider and approve matters proposed by the Internal Audit Office, including but not limited to the Internal Audit Charter and periodic audit plan;
  6. To advise Internal Audit Office in the conduct of special reviews and investigations on matters arising from the Committee or as referred by the Board of Governors;
  7. To provide guidance to the Internal Audit Office on the reporting of contentious and sensitive issues that are unable to resolve in the level of the Office;
  8. To review performance of the chief audit executive and the Internal Audit Office;
  9. To report to the Board of Governors about committee activities, issues and related recommendations; and
  10. To consider and approve any other matters relating to audit, internal control, risk management, compliance and matters of similar nature referred to the Committee by the Board of Governors.