MSIM3202 - 資訊科技基礎與維護

學分: 3
時間: 45小時
先修單元: MSIM2201 or with the Instructor’s permission and upon endorsement of the relevant Chairperson or Programme Director
This course mainly explains the security issues involved in the implementation of a robust and balanced IT infrastructure. Particularly, the course focuses on a wide range of essential elements: the associated security measures for datacenters, servers, networks, storage, virtualization, operating systems, and end user devices. The course introduces both the building blocks and concepts, which provides a solid foundation for understanding the complexity of today's IT infrastructures. Besides security issues, students also need to examine other key issues of the infrastructure, such as capacity, performance, reliability, scale and obsolescence.
Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:
  1. describe the effects of information technology infrastructures to current business development;

  2. develop the fundamental concepts in the study of datacenters, servers, and operating systems;

  3. analyze the core concepts, methods, techniques, and tools for constructing computer networks, the Internet, and the cloud computing; and

  4. apply the methods and techniques of risk management and various security measures to defend IT infrastructure