GEN2025 - Understanding Emotions: A Scientific Approach

學分: 3
時間: 45小時
先修單元: Nil
This module examines how scientists understand and explain one of the most important mental phenomena, emotions. In addition to answering what emotion is, the relations of emotion to other aspects of the mind, such as rationality, cognition, desire and morality, are explored. Based on their specific trainings and methodologies, evolutionists, psychologists, neurologists, sociologists, and philosophers analyze emotions under different conceptual frameworks, and conduct experiments on it with distinctive procedures and apparatuses. The relative strengths and weaknesses of these scientific approaches are illustrated in details. The power of interdisciplinary research in modern science is also explored.
Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Examine the nature and specific methodologies of various scientific approaches;

  2. Comprehend the nature of emotion from various scientific approaches, and be able to identify and criticize key issues in the study of emotion;

  3. Explain and evaluate the relative strengths and weakness of different scientific approaches;

  4. Examine the beauty and significance of interdisciplinary study in modern science.