Honorary Degrees Committee


ChairmanDr. Cheng Mo-chi Moses (鄭慕智博士)
MembersProfessor Nyaw Mee-kau (饒美蛟教授)
Dr. Poon Sun-cheong Patrick (潘燊昌博士)
Mr. James S. Tsien (錢乃駿先生)
Professor Ho Shun-man Simon (何順文教授)
Professor Leung Chi-kin Lawrence (梁志堅教授)
SecretaryDr. Fong Wing-ho Tom (方永豪博士)

Terms of Reference

The Honorary Degrees Committee shall be subject to the terms of reference as follows:

  1. To make recommendations to the Council for the conferment of the Honorary Degrees on distinguished individuals based on the selection criteria approved by the Council; and
  2. To review and propose changes to the selection criteria as appropriate, for approval by the Council.