Dean’s Message

Prof TAM Kwok Kan

Welcome to the School of Humanities and Social Science.

The raison d’être of the School of Humanities and Social Science can be summed up in the Chinese tradition of cultivating the self and bringing benefits to the family and the world, as well as in the Western conception of justice and reason. The humanities and social science constitute the core of higher education, as the humanities deal with issues in human values, ethics, critical thinking, language, literary imagination, art and creativity, while social science disciplines study human relations in psychological, social and cultural dimensions.

The School of Humanities and Social Science currently comprises four Departments, Art and Design, Chinese, English, and Social Science, and offers seven Bachelor’s degree programmes:

(1) BA (Hons) in Art and Design
(2) BA (Hons) in Chinese
(3) BA (Hons) in Cultural and Creative Industries
(4) BA (Hons) in English
(5) BA (Hons) in Psychology
(6) BSS (Hons) in Asian Studies
(7) BSS (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

The School also offers Postgraduate Programmes in literature, culture and social science, including:

(1) MA in Chinese
(2) MA in English Language Teaching and Assessment
(3) MA in Global English Literary and Cultural Studies
(4) MA in Theatre Studies

Degree programmes in the School of Humanities and Social Science provide students with broad and global views of the world, analytical skills for application in life, and creative visions for career development. Students with a degree in Humanities and Social Science will find themselves well equipped for many jobs and well prepared for postgraduate studies in diverse subjects. The humanities and social science have seen significant developments in the recent decade as a result of the rise of industry-based creative arts in the new economy.

Students will find teachers in the School a dynamic group who are from different disciplines, but all of them are devoted to teaching and care about students’ personal development.

Research is an important component of knowledge creation. In the School of Humanities and Social Science, you will find teachers who are leaders of research in many fields and be proud to be in their classes.

Join our journey of intellectual pursuits and enjoy your life as a student in the humanities and social science. Together we will create a new chapter in our lives.

Professor Kwok-kan Tam
Dean, School of Humanities and Social Science