Programme Information

The Department of English offers a Bachelor of Arts in English (Honours) Programme which is designed to help students build a sound knowledge base in English literature and linguistics as well as develop strong language and cultural awareness essential for an increasingly globalised world and economy. The Programme covers a rich and diverse range of topics aiming to broaden students’ horizons intellectually and personally. The integration of Business Studies modules in the curriculum also makes it unique with both academic and practical relevance.

This is a four-year degree programme and there will be two semesters of 15 weeks per year. Each module will consist of three credits. Each credit will consist of a minimum of 15 contact hours. Students will be required to study at least 43 modules of 129 credits in total over 4 years.

There are three Study Areas — English Studies, Business Studies and General Education.

Programme Objectives

The objectives of the Programme are as follows:

  • The Programme will enable students to:
    1. learn independently and to think critically;
    2. gain solid knowledge in the concepts, theories and applications of English studies (literature and linguistics), supplemented with fundamental knowledge in business studies;
    3. face challenges using critical thinking, creativity, analytical skills and problem-solving abilities acquired from their training in language, linguistics and literature;
    4. use knowledge of language and literature to develop understanding of local and global issues, developments and cultures;
    5. communicate effectively in English and Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua) in biliterate and trilingual environments, including academic and business-related contexts;
    6. put knowledge and theories of linguistics, literature and language studies into practice, including business-related purposes and contexts;
    7. develop and broaden their understanding and appreciation of the world and its diverse communities and cultures;
    8. work independently or in a team with effective social and interpersonal skills from the learning process.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

On completion of the Prorgamme, students should have acquired the following standards:

  • knowledge of genres, themes and movements in English literary studies, as well as knowledge of form, function, meaning and usage in linguistic studies;
  • knowledge of the historical and cultural contexts in which English literature has been written and shaped, and theories of modern linguistics have developed and evolved;
  • skills of critical inquiry, appreciation, interpretation and evaluation, argument, and written expression;
  • research skills to critically analyse, evaluate and synthesise information, ideas and concepts from literary, non-literary texts and linguistic data;
  • cultural and global awareness through literary and linguistics studies;
  • capacity for adaptability and for appreciating diversity in the workplace;
  • effective communicative skills in English and Chinese in biliterate and trilingual environments, including academic and business-related contexts;
  • knowledge and skills to undertake further study within the discipline or to pursue a career in business-related settings.

QF Level: 5

QR Registration No.: 12/000589/5

Primary Area of Study / Training: 13. Languages, Translation and Literature

Other Area of Study / Training: 05. Business & Management, General

Bachelor of Arts in English (Honours)

Bachelor of Arts in English (Honours)(Text Version)