ENG4322 - From Literary Studies to Cultural Studies

Year of Study:3 or 4
Credit Units: 3
Duration: 45hours
Prerequisites: ENG1100 Introduction to Literature,
ENG2100 Exploring the Genre of Poetry,
ENG2101 Exploring English Novels,
ENG2102 Drama and Theatre
or with special permission from Instructor and approval by Department Head
Module Description
The objective of this module is to expose students to a variety of literary works, traditionally classified as canonical genres such as poetry, fiction and drama, so that they will read these texts and learn basic reading strategies, not necessarily following a chronological sequence. These texts, Chinese and English, are chosen across a wide spectrum of time and space, and will be studied in a comparative context, in addition to traditional literary approaches, with reference to the politics of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, etc., and paying attention to issues about texts, politics and culture. In short, the objective is to strike a balance between literary studies and cultural studies and to explore the evolutionary relationship between the two.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. enhance their reading strategies of analysing more sophisticated literary works;

  2. identify major assumptions between literary and cultural studies approaches;

  3. describe the evolutionary relationships from literary to cultural studies and compare and contrast their approaches;

  4. appraise and synthesise their possible applications in relation to study of literature and society;

  5. transfer above skills into intellectual and professional skills to construct and communicate a sustained analysis of texts and to conduct research and evaluate the material acquired both within and outside of literary study context.